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12 Month Old

   Sensory and Thinking Skills:
            · Copy sounds and actions you make
            · Respond to music with body motion
            · Look for an object that they watched fall out of sight (under table, behind back)
            · Try to accomplish simple goals (seeing and then crawling to a toy)

   Motor Skills:
            · Drink from a cup with help, feed self finger-foods (puffs, cheerios)
            · Grasp small objects with thumb and index or forefinger
            · Poke or point with index finger
            · Put small blocks in and take them out of a container, bang blocks together
            · Sit without support
            · Crawl on hands and knees
            · Pull self up to stand, take steps holding onto furniture
            · Stand without help for brief periods of time
            · Walk holding onto 1 or 2 hands, or behind a push toy
            · Help with dressing by offering a foot or an arm 

   Language and Social Skills:
            · Vocalize during play
            · Babble, sometimes “sounds like” talking, tries to “talk” to you
            · Say their first word
            · Recognize family members’ names; can say “mama” and “dada” for specific person
            · Show affection to familiar people
            · Show mild anxiety with separation from parent, apprehension about strangers
            · Raise arms when they want to be picked up
            · Understand simple commands (responds appropriately to “give me…” or “no”) 

   Red Flags:
            · Cannot crawl, or drags one side of the body while crawling
            · Is not using both sides of body equally (showing a preference for one side too early)
            · Cannot stand when supported
            · Does not babble or have any single words
            · Does not look for objects that are hidden
            · Does not use simple gestures such as waving or shaking head
            · Cannot sit steadily
            · No interest in peek-a-boo or patty cake
            · Does not react to new environments/people, or seek out caregiver when stressed

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