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18 Month Old

   Sensory and Thinking Skills:
            · Identify an object in a picture book
            · Laugh at silly actions
            · Look for objects that are out of sight
            · Put round lid on a round pot
            · Follow simple 1-step directions
            · Solve problems by trial and error
            · Find objects even when hidden under 2 or 3 covers

   Motor/Self-Help Skills:
            · Like to pull, push and dump things
            · Start to feed self with spoon (with some spilling)
            · Pull off hat, socks and mittens
            · Turn pages in a book
            · Stack 2 blocks
            · Carry a stuffed animal or doll
            · Scribble with crayons
            · Walk without help, run stiffly with eyes on the ground; pulls toy behind him
            · Sit on or propel small riding toy without pedals

   Language and Social Skills:
            · Say 8-10 words that you can understand; say “no” with meaning
            · Look at person talking to them
            · Ask specifically for mother or father
            · Use “hi”, “bye” and “please” without reminders
            · Protest when frustrated
            · Ask for something by pointing or using 1 word
            · Direct another’s attention to an object or action
            · Become anxious when separated from parent
            · Seek attention
            · Bring toys to share with parent
            · Act out a familiar activity in play (pretending to take a bath, etc.)
            · Play alone on the floor with toys, compete with other children for toys
            · Recognize self in mirror or in pictures

   Red Flags:
            · Cannot walk
            · Does not speak at least 15 words
            · Does not seem to know the function of common objects (brush, cup, telephone, etc.)
            · Cannot hold and use a spoon or cup for eating and drinking

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