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2 Year Old

   Sensory and Thinking Skills:
            · Like to take things apart
            · Explore surroundings
            · Point to 5-6 parts of a doll when asked
            · Sometimes get angry and have temper tantrums

   Motor/Self-Help Skills:
            · Drink from a straw and from open cup, with some spilling
            · Feed self with spoon, likes to play with food when eating
            · Help in washing hands
            · Put shoes on and arms in sleeves with help
            · Can open doors by turning knobs, and open cabinets, drawers, boxes
            · Walk alone and walk up and down stairs with help
            · Bend over to pick up a toy and not fall
            · Walk into ball, toss or roll a large ball
            · Climb onto and down from furniture unsupported
            · Build a tower of 3-4 blocks
            · Complete simple knobbed wooden puzzles of 3-4 pieces

   Language and Social Skills:
            · Has a vocabulary of several hundred words (70% intelligent speech); says names of toys
            · Answer “where” questions
            · Use 2-3 word sentences
            · Ask for information about an object (asks, “shoe?” while pointing to shoe box)
            · Hum or try to sing
            · Express emotion; act shy around strangers; comfort a distressed friend or parent
            · Take turns in play with other children (plays with children more then next to them)
            · Treat a doll/stuffed animal as if it were alive; applies pretend play (feed doll, etc.)
            · Refer to self by name and use “me,” “mine,” “I,” and “you”
            · Verbalize desires and feelings (“I want a cookie”)
            · Laugh at silly labeling of objects and events (calling a nose an ear)
            · Enjoy looking at one book over and over;
            · Will listen to a short story book with pictures (5-10 minutes)

   Red Flags:
            · Does not use 2-word phrases (more milk, big dog, mommy help)
            · Does not imitate actions or words
            · Cannot identify self
            · Does not follow simple one-step instruction
            · Does not display a wide array of emotions (anger, fear, happy, excited, frustrated)

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