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3 Month Old

 Sensory and Thinking Skills:
            · Turn head toward bright colors and lights
            · Turn toward the sound of a human voice
            · Recognize bottle or breast
            · Respond to your shaking a rattle or bell

   Motor Skills:
            · Lift head when at your shoulder
            · Lift head and chest when lying on his/her stomach
            · Lift head from side to side when lying on his/her stomach 
            · Follow a moving object or person with his/her eyes
            · Often hold hands open or loosely fisted
            · Grasp rattle when given to him/her

    Language and Social Skills:
            · Make cooing, gurgling sounds
            · Smile when smiled at
            · Communicate hunger, fear, discomfort

              (through crying or facial expression)
            · Usually quiet down at the sound of a soothing voice or when held
            · Anticipate being lifted
            · React to “peek-a-boo” games

    Red Flags:
            · Has difficulty moving eyes, following objects
            · Does not respond to loud noises
            · Is unable to support their head by 3 months
            · Turn or tilt head to only one side
            · Does not reach for or grasp toys or bring objects to mouth
            · Does not demonstrate a social smile                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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