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5 Year Old

   Sensory and Thinking Skills:
            · Thinking is still naïve; doesn’t use adult logic
            · Distinguish right from wrong
            · Play make-believe and dresses up
            · Mimic adults and seek praise
            · Seek to play rather than be alone; friends are important
            · Play with boys and girls but prefers same sex
            · Can count 10 or more objects
            · Correctly name at least 4 colors
            · Work in small groups for 5-10 minutes
            · Know about things used every day in the home (money, food, etc.)
            · Want to please
            · More likely to agree to rules
            · Like to sing, dance, and act

   Motor/Self-Help Skills:
            · Use fork and spoon independently
            · Can chew with lips closed
            · Go to the bathroom independently
            · Undress independently, may be able to unbutton, unzip, and lace (but not tie) shoes
            · Run in an adult manner
            · Walk on tiptoe, broad jumps
            · Walk on a balance beam
            · Balance on 1-foot for 10 seconds or more
            · Hop, somersault, swing, climb, jump rope
            · May be able to skip
            · Walk downstairs holding an object
            · Hand preference is established
            · Grasp pencil like an adult, print some letters
            · Color within the lines
            · Cut and paste simple shapes
            · Copy a square and triangle
            · Draw a person with body

   Language and Social Skills:
            · Use vocabulary of 5,000-8,000 words with little difficulty except /l/ and /th/
            · Use fuller, more complex sentences of more than 5 words with a growing speech fluency
            · Correctly use plurals, pronouns, tenses (including future tense)
            · Very interested in words and language; seeks knowledge
            · Understand and name opposites
            · Use nonverbal gestures such as facial expressions to communicate
            · Still confuse fantasy and reality at times
            · Recall part of a story

   Red Flags:
            · Exhibits extremely aggressive, fearful, or timid behavior; is unable to separate from parents
            · Is easily distracted and unable to concentrate on ANY single activity for more than 5 minutes
            · Shows little interest in playing with other kids
            · Refuses to respond to people in general
            · Rarely uses fantasy or imitation in play; can’t differentiate between fantasy and reality
            · Seems unhappy or sad much of the day
            · Does not express a wide range of emotions
            · Has trouble eating, sleeping, or using the toilet
            · Cannot understand prepositions (“on” “under”)
            · Cannot follow 2-part commands (“pick up the toy and put it on the shelf”)
            · Cannot give first and last name
            · Does not use plurals or past tense
            · Cannot build a tower of 6-8 blocks
            · Holds crayon with fisted grasp
            · Has trouble taking off clothing
            · Unable to brush teeth or wash and dry hands

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