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 6 Month Old

            Sensory and Thinking Skills:
            · Open mouth for the spoon
            · Imitate familiar actions you perform
            · Calm down within 30 minutes when upset
            · Explore by mouthing and banging objects

            Motor Skills:
            · Hold head steady while sitting with help
            · Reach for and grasp objects
            · Play with their toes
            · Help hold the bottle while feeding
            · Transfer toys from one hand to the other
            · Shake a rattle
            · Pull up to a sitting position on their own if you grasp their hands
            · Sit with only a little support
            · Sit in a high chair
            · Roll back to stomach and stomach to back
            · Push up on straight arms while lying on stomach

            Language and Social Skills:
            · Begin vocal play
            · Babble, making almost sing-song sounds
            · Know familiar faces
            · Laugh and squeal with delight
            · Scream if annoyed
            · Smile at self in a mirror

            Red Flags:
            · Note either tight or floppy muscles
            · Head drops back when pulling up to sitting
            · Little or no affection shown for familiar people
            · Poor control of eye movement or positioning
            · Cannot roll over or sit with help
            · No laughing or squealing, does not respond to sounds
            · Difficulty calming self
            · Cannot take weight onto legs in supported stand
            · Does not reach for or get objects to mouth

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