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6 Year Old

   Sensory and Thinking Skills:
            · Grow more independent, yet feel less secure
            · Crave affection from parents and teachers
            · Friendships are unstable; can be unkind to peers
            · Need to win and may change rules to suit self
            · May be hurt by criticism, blame, or punishment
            · Can be rigid, demanding, and unable to adapt
            · Increasingly aware that others may have different feelings

   Motor/Self-Help Skills:
            · Zip, button, tie shoes, and dress quickly
            · Can move in time with music or a beat
            · Able to learn to ride a bicycle
            · May still be somewhat uncoordinated
            · Does 5 or more push ups
            · Run 35 yards in less than 10 seconds
            · Skip 10 feet using alternating feet
            · Tip toe, not touching heels, hands on hips
            · Cut well with scissors
            · Use tweezers and other tools

   Language and Social Skills:
            · Moving toward abstract thinking
            · Develop reasoning skills
            · Shifts from learning through observation and experience to learning via language and logic
            · Wants it all; has difficulty making choices

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